About the Photographer

Hi, my name is Rod and I live in Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom, a town which is known internationally as the capital of British brewing.


Photography has been my passion and main interest since receiving a Kodak Brownie 127 for my 8th birthday.  I still have the Brownie and I still have the very basic 1920s Praktica which I bought second-hand a few years later, as my first 35mm SLR. 


I now specialise in landscape photography, but I also enjoy taking underwater and night shots.


My other interest is snorkelling. On the few occasions when I can combine snorkelling and photography, I’m a very happy guy!


Please feel free to browse around my store, there is no obligation to buy. I frequently add new images and I occasionally add new galleries as well. The photos cover a wide range of subjects and hopefully there will be something to suite most tastes.

Best wishes,

Rod Johnson